Food Delivery by Hotty Toddy Tents

At Hotty Toddy Tents, we’ve revolutionized the way you tailgate, making it easier than ever to enjoy game day without the hassle. Our seamless process ensures that your tailgate is a hit from start to finish. That now includes food delivery with Taylor Grocery!

Reserving our food delivery option is easy! Learn more below.


Reserve your Hotty Toddy Tent setup online and select the “Food Delivery” option at checkout. We’ll contact you for the invoice details. Please make sure that the name on your Hotty Toddy Tent order matches your Taylor Grocery order.


Order your delicious game-day food from Taylor Grocery, letting them know that Hotty Toddy Tents will be picking up your food in the Grove. Note: You will pay Taylor Grocery for your order. We will only invoice you for the delivery.


Email your order to us directly at Please make sure your pickup time is set before emailing your order confirmation to us.


Once received, we will email you an invoice for food delivery. Once paid, we will take it from there. We will make sure that the food arrives at your tent on game day.


Food Delivery Details

  • Food delivery is only for HTT customers.
  • Charge is 25% of the subtotal with a $50 minimum
  • To learn about food options, please visit Taylor Grocery’s website:
  • Please make sure that someone at your tailgate is present to accept the delivery.
  • Please understand that we are not responsible for order accuracy. Please double-check your order before submitting it.
  • Season package or multi-game customers interested in food delivery, please contact us at 662-509-2088.


What is the charge for delivery?

We charge 25% of the subtotal of your order. $50 minimum.

What are the deadlines for ordering?

The deadlines for ordering are determined by Taylor Grocery. Please contact them directly to inquire about deadlines.

What food does Taylor Grocery offer?

Please visit the Taylor Grocery website for their catering menu and contact information.

What should I do if I have questions on game day?

If you need anything, please call our on-site tent services phone at 662-426-2095.

Do we need to be present when the food is delivered?

Yes. Please make sure someone is present to receive your order.

What if my order is incorrect?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of your order. Please double-check your order before submitting.

Is this only for single games? Do you offer this for Season or SEC package options?

For Season/SEC Package customers interested in food delivery, please contact us at 662-509-2088.